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Tutorial: Use GSA SER for Tier 1 Link Building

0 posts and profiles on high PR and DA sites. Remember that if you want to post to many of the engines which come with SERengines, you will need ReverseProxies OCR or some other third-party captcha solving service which has high success rate with tough captchas such as ReCaptcha (Death by Captcha is also a choice, however a more costly solution than ReverseProxies OCR).

All that's left are these 2 choices: creates a backup file of the GSA SER settings you choose. You can pick from (or all): Global Settings Responded To Questions Proxy Settings Proxy Selection Website list (recognized) Site list (submitted) Site list (confirmed) Site list (failed) imports a GSA SER settings backup file These two are helpful if you have more than one circumstances of GSA SER, or you have a brand name brand-new GSA Online search engine Ranker, and you do not wish to lose time setting up everything by hand.

Clicking on the button will just start/stop all of the tasks which have a status or any of the similar active statuses. Now, if you click the arrow beside the button, you will see the following menu: acts in the very same way as clicking the button itself will apply the scheduler to all projects with status will use the scheduler to all tasks which are presently selected will use the scheduler to all projects which get chosen according to the Mask you enter When you click any of the last 3 options, and you have the tasks you desire to run the scheduler for picked, you will see the GSA SER Scheduler itself: By selecting the suitable settings, you can run only a choice of your projects, or the projects you selected at a time, permitting GSA SER to use extra focus only on the presently running projects.

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We do not use this GSA SER performance just due to the fact that all of our VPS-s have ample proxies and resources to manage most likely about a thousand projects each. At 100 personal proxies, 700 threads, 4 GB RAM, 4 CPU-s, and a 20GB SSD, you can understand why we do not require any schedulers (GSA SER training).

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And because we tidy and keep our site lists tidy all the time, we get an extremely high rating on the submitted/verified links ratio. The Menu is concluded also - GSA Search Engine Ranker video tutorials. The GSA Online Search Engine Ranker tutorial continues after the paragraph break. The menu has the following drop-down menus reveal up when you click the button: View Handbook takes you to the GSA Online search engine Ranker websites View Script Manual takes you to the page of GSA SER (you can understand more about the engine they produced and how it can theoretically post to any platform if you simply configured it the best method) View Macro Guide takes you to the of GSA SER i (GSA Search Engine Ranker manual).

what will "% your e-mail%" insert into an article if you used it, etc View Version History opens a. txt file where you can see the changelog (I always check this one after an update to see what's new) Homepage Online forum Suggestion/Feedback Produce Bugreport Look For Updates Modification License Lock About The ones I didn't write a description for truly don't require one in my viewpoint.

Now it's time for the real celebration. Finally, we got to the area where the majority of GSA Online search engine Ranker's magic happens: Each row is a single GSA SER job other than for the task group rows i. e.,, etc, which merely assist group a set of projects for a much easier navigation and a couple of other things we'll discuss later on.

For the love of god, please develop a really wise naming convention for your projects, due to the fact that if you don't, you will be squandering a lot of time in search of a project you want to carry out some action on (GSA SER tutorial). The font style size of the project names is quite small in my viewpoint, so always utilize job groups, because, as you can see, they have a much bigger typeface size, and are bolded.

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This is why we put each and every single campaign of ours (typically includes 3 projects i. e. a link pyramid of 3 tiers) into task groups. your jobs can have 1 of 9 statuses: the job is active and remains in the procedure of producing backlinks. the project not does anything.

GSA Search Engine ranker 3 Tier Data Pack Diagram

the job is active, but is just confirming email messages so that the the accounts on websites which need verification of email get triggered and ready for submission. the task is active and will only utilize worldwide site lists (,, etc, whichever ones you informed it to utilize from its settings) when collecting target URLs.

this is essentially a combination of the "Active (Confirm Just)" and the "Active (Search Just)" statuses. the project will attempt to get rid of all of the backlinks it has actually produced. Bear in mind that this functionality just works for certain engines. the project is active, however will only re-check if the already confirmed links are still live (GSA Search Engine Ranker video tutorials).

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This alternative will help you sort out which ones are really still breathing. this will determine just how much attention your task will obtain from GSA Search Engine Ranker: I wish to share a little trick with you here. All of our projects begin with the most affordable top priority. This way, all jobs are equivalent and will all get adequate attention from GSA Search Engine Ranker.

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If we were to start our jobs with different top priorities i. e (GSA recommended reading Search Engine Ranker tutorials) (GSA SER video tutorials). Tier 1 projects with with high, Tier 2 projects with regular, etc, when the time comes and some job falls back, we would have to go to each task with high concern and change it to a lower one, so that we can offer more attention to the one that's lagging.

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When a link from this column gets verified, it is subtracted from it and moved into the backlinks column. So don't panic when you see your sent links fall. If they fall and you don't see a boost in the variety of validated backlinks, this suggests that the sent link failed to get verified.

Now let's take a look at the context menu for each project. You saw from the photo a bit above that it has the following choices: changes the status of the project. modifications the top priority of the job. has 5 sub-menus: reveals a table containing all of the submitted backlinks for the picked job.

You can also export or view in-depth stats about the backlinks. shows a table containing all of the verified backlinks for the picked job. You can see important details such as date time of production, anchor text, engine, type, dofollow or nofollow sign, internal links, external links, and date time of verification.

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